Exotic Mushroom and Tamari Samie


– Olive oil (for frying)
– A handful of mixed exotic mushrooms (shimeji, button, oyester, portebella)
– 1-2 Tbs Tamari
– 1 Tbs agave nectar (optioanl)
– A handful of fresh basil leaves
– Moldon salt & pepper
– Greens for topping micro herbs/rocket/mixed baby leaves/basil (optional)
– 1-2 slices of bread (I used 100% Rye but you can use sourdough or ciabatta as well.)

1. Heat olive oil in a pan, once hot add mushrooms, stir occasionally to allow even cooking and browning (this should take +-2 mins).
2. Add basil leases, Moldon salt and tamari (as well as agave), place a lid over, leave to braise for 1 min.
3. Place the mushroom mixture on your chosen bread and top with greens.