Baked Portebella with Garlic and Herb Quinoa

Gluten-free • Dairy free

– 1-4 Portebella mushrooms
– Olive oil
– 1-4 t crushed garlic or 2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
– 1/2 C quinoa (uncooked)
– 2 C vegetable stock
– 4 sprigs of lemon thyme
– chili flakes
– Salad green
– S&P

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.
2. Cook the quinoa (using the instructions) but use vegetable stock instead of water as this gives a lovely flavor.
3. Place the mushrooms onto a baking tray, lightly drizzle with olive oil and place 1 t of crushed garlic in the center.
4. Bake the mushrooms at 200°C for 10 – 15 minutes.
5. Once the quinoa is cooked, add chili flakes and lemon thyme leaves and mix in.
6. Remove the mushrooms from the oven and top with the quinoa mixture.

* Enjoy with salad leaves and green lime smoothie. *
* If you have any left over quinoa, keep it in an airtight container to use on other salads. *